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Serving Start Up Companies & Existing Brands

If your company is starting with an idea or concept, we can help you grow and nourish your idea into reality. 

For existing brands that are needing to find a primary and or a backup vendor to ensure your product isn't in backorder, we can assist in every phase of the project. 

We are capable of assisting with: OTC Drugs, Powders, Cremes, Gels, topicals and liquids. Filling bottles, jars, tubes, single serve packets, pills, capsules, food products, condiments, honey, just about anything that flows. 

We have served and currently serve private label brands, retailers, whole-sellers, Direct Selling Industry.  

Our background and areas we have served in the past 15 years: 

Dietary Supplements

Sachets Packaging

Co packing single serve 

Liquid Energy Shots 

Sleep Shots 

Aloe Vera Beverages 

Liquid Supplements Co Packing 

Pre Workout and Post Workout 

Meal Replacements Powders and Liquids 

Stick Paks, Gel Packets, Powder Pouches 

Liquid Packets, Bottle Shaped Packets  

Sports Nutrition 

Vitamin Gummies 

Joint Support 


Single Serve Packets 


Gel capsules 

Vitamins and minerals 

CBD Product Lines - with NO THC's Liquids, Gels, Powders, Creams and Gummies

Cosmetic Manufacturing  

Shampoos, Conditioners and Body Washes 

Serums, Ointments, Scrubs, Moisturizers 

Anti Aging 

OTC Drugs - Topical and Digestive

Auto, House Cleaners and Pet Products 

Auto Car Wash, sealers and protectants 

Detergents, Pods, Cleaners  

Pet Products - powders and liquids

Other Areas we are able to serve: 

Logistical Problem Solving


Form Fill and Seal - FFS

Single Serve Sachets 

Packaging Design 

Display Boxes 

POP Displays 


Shrink Sleeves 


Full Turn Key Services 

3rd Party Testing Labs 

Multiple Scalable Operations

Small scale lab batches 

R & D Labs for new projects  

Lower Cost of Goods

With our knowledge of the manufacturing industry we are able to match your project needs with the right laboratory to assist you getting to market faster with less hurdles to jump along the way. 

Give us a call or email and let us prove to you our services we can offer.

We will reply to your email, voicemail and text messages. You will be able to reach us and at times you will get the good, bad and indifferent information from us depending on the situation of your project. 

Call D3 Advisors today! 214-926-6261

If you would like to send us an email to get the project started: info@d3-advisors.com

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